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i know this thrilled people with obama's campaign and certainly what thrilled me. it is fundamental that in this heated national campaign, that he the president return to addressing his country's basic belief in itself. his belief in the america that made him because it is on in that his and the country's return to success must be founded. that's "hardball" for now. right now it's time for "the ed show" with ed schulze. good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show." tonight from new york, theseç stories on the table and hitting my hot buttons at this hour. well, president obama on the offensive. he goes to john boehner's backyard and absolutely destroyed him for doing nothing and offering zero solutions to the nation's problems. my commentary on that plus reaction from senator byron dorgan in just a moment. and another top war general sends a stern warning if that psycho talking preacher down in florida burns the koran, our troops will be in kefr danger. but the troop loving
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conservatives fuelling this nation's isla ma phobia they're nowhere to be found. their silence is deafening. and disgusting. and the top progressive group in this country calls rahm emanuel the cancer of the democratic party. the leader who said that joins me in my playbook, because jonathan alter predicts what's going to happen if rahm does bolt the white house. this is the story that has me fired up tonight. president obama went to john boehner's backyard and stuck it to the tan man seven different times in his speech today. here's the president in cleveland. >> there were no new policies from mr. boehner. there were no new ideas. to most of you, i'll bet this just seems like common sense. but not to mr. boehner and his allies. when mr. boehner was here in cleveland, he attacked us for closing a few of these loopholes. mr. boehner and the republicans
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in congress said no to these projects. fought them tooth and nail. mr. boehner has so far said no to infrastructure, that's bad for america. so let me be clear to mr. boehner and everybody else, we should not hold middle class tax cuts hostage any longer. when these same republicans, including mr. boehner, were in charge, the number of earmarks and pet projects went up, not down. >> is that the presidentç gettg turbocharged in the president hammered boehner throughout the speech including this. when he laid out an incredible small business idea and proposal. i am proposing that all-american businesses should be allowed to write off all the investment they do in 2011. and this will help small businesses upgrade their plants and equipment and will encourage large corporations to get off
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the sidelines and start putting their profits to work in places like cleveland and toledo and dayton. to most of you, i'll bet this just seems like common sense. but not to mr. boehner and his allies. >> i think this is a defining moment right now. i don't know if the president really believes this. i kind of think he does. i've never heard anything like this before. did you hear what he said in the president just said that he wants to allow american businesses to write off all capital investment that they do in 2011. the word all means 100%. now, this has got to be a test to see if the republicans really want to work with the white house in any way, shape or form. i mean, if you own a construction company and you buy a brand-new $100,000 payloader, you'll get $100,000 tax write off on your taxes. the money goes right to the bottom line. now if you own a tanning salon in cincinnati, you can buy ten
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new tanning beds and write them all off. how can boehner and the republicans be against that? this is how the tanman responded to the president's idea. he says if the president is serious about finally focusing on jobs, a good start would be taking the advice of his recently departed budget director and freezing all tax rates. it always, it always comes down to taxes and money with the republicans. and when this president steps out and offers up something to small business, a 100% writeoff, they're against it because you see, he's a black guy. he's in the white house. we don't appreciate him. we don't want him. he's not supposed to be there. this is all about power. this is not helping about helping small businesses in this country when it comes to the republicans. president obama isn't taking his direction from peter orszag. he's history. he's already on the speaker's tour and john boehner when it comes to tax cuts has nothing to
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offer. the president's not listening to him. the president is sticking to his guns and this campaign promise to end the tax cuts for the top 2% in this country. >> let me be clear mr. boehner and everybody else. we should not hold middle class tax cuts hostage any longer. we already this week if they want, to give tax cuts to every american making $250,000 or less. for any income over this amount, the tax rates would just go back to what they were under president clinton. >> now, this is where mitch mcconnell likes to get off into the weeds and tell you there's going to be a tax on small businesses. not true. it's a lie. and it bothers me that nobody in the republican party, you know, stands right with mcconnell when he says this. it bothers me when nobody in the democratic party steps up and says you're lying about that. you know, the president of the united states is not going to raise taxes on small businesses.
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it's not going to happen. yet, the republicans keep throwing it out there and seem to get away with it. i own a small business. president obama is the most pro middle class pro small business president i've ever seen this country have in my lifetime. i'll give you an example. if my boyce at the schulze construction can get new equipment, guess what they can do. they can do more jobs, we can hire more people and we would pay more taxes to increase the tax base. the republicans against that? employing people? i think that's a hell of a lot better than giving rupert murdoch and the wall street barons across the street all these tax cuts so they can feel better about creating jobs. it ain't about feeling good. it's about an opportunity. and when the president does it is 100%, 100% total writeoff on your taxes for capital improvements, where are the republicans? they're against it. now, my boys would love to go down to ohio and build a new
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tanning salon right next to the speaker wannabe's house although the chain smoke boehner told go"good morning america" today that actually his orange is a natural glow. >> i have to note that if you do you'll probably have the deepest tan of any speaker in american history. and it's actually been a poll out. in your state of ohio saying 30% of the voters think you spend too much time on your tan and 27% don't like it. is this something you have to overcome? >> they probably weren't there yesterday when i was out cutting my grass or when i was out riding my mountain bike, all right? >> so no worries there? >> thanks, george. >> i just don't understand mr. boehner. he actually would rather go on television and n a very tough economy and humor people with his tan instead of focusing on creating jobs in this economy when the president of the united states just put a 100% tax
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writeoff on the table, he would rather talk about himself. he would rather humor the host. this is what the republicans are all about. don't get hoodwinked. let me ask all you voters out there tonight who are liberals and who voted for president obama. do you want to quit? do you want to be like sarah palin? she quit. she quit. did the state of alaska change the gubernatorial term up there to two years because of sarah palin? no. it's a four-year job. see, their dna, they're self-centered. they care about themselves. they care about the people that are going to put them in office. and when this president being so proactive and doing everything he possibly can to create jobs in this country, the leader of the republicans likes to go on tv and humor everybody about his tan instead of taking the serious approach. were those people in cleveland
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today, were they serious about jobs? this is what the president is pointing out. he goes to the backyard of the villain who really has the political power to bring some republicans with him to get some people hired in this country and turn this climate around. and turn the economy in a direction where it needs to be. the president can only do so much. the obstructionists are on steroids. they are doing evwrything they possibly can. we're less than eight weeks from the election and i hear that the enthusiasm for the republicans is really, really high. why? because boehner goes out and cuts the lawn and goes mountain biking? is that the answer that america is looking for because he's out on the golf course with the corporate boys because the supreme court says they can get as much money as they want? is this what we want in this country? let me ask you again, liberals, do you want to be like sarah palin and not be enthused about the right direction for this country abjust want to quit?
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ask yourself tonight if you're a liberal. are you a quitter? quitters never win and winners never quit. it's simple but it would. john boehner absolutely is licking his chops to become the next speaker of the house and believe me, nothing will change. this president is telling the truth. this president is trying to connect and do something for the middle class in this country. that's the majority of americans and where are the republicans in this economy? they're nowhere to be found. they only complain and they only want power back. and they'll do it by fear mongering. i do believe this psychopastor that all comes from the right wing rhetoric. i want to bring npg senator byron dorgan from north dakota who's leaving the senate and also after 40 years, after 40 years of public service has decided to go in a different direction. and i think you can speaking
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withing in very candid terms tonight the climate, the political climate in this country, have you ever seen anything like it eight weeks out from a decision? >> i really haven't. i think the politics in this country is abysmal. you know, they say we inherit this country from our parents and borrow it from our children. we have responsibilities. i'm a lot less interested in who wins the next election or the next two elections than i am about the economic fortunes of this country. i've served in the congress for a long while. i've never seen what i've seen recently in the senate and in the house. you know, these very same people in the minority party that caused the economic wreck and supporteded thdç policies that threw this country into the ditch and a lot of people out of work, their solution, let's do nothing on every occasion. let's oppose everything this president proposes. boy, i mean, that's not standing up for this country's best interests in my judgment. >> is president obama good when it comes to trying to create jobs? is he sincere? do his proposals register with you?
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can you give him credit for what he has tried to do in dealing with these ob trucksists officials on the right? >> he has been under siege on every single payer proposal he's made. the fact is, you mentioned senator mcconnell and congressman boehner. their approach is to say let's do nothing. this president has proposed an economic recovery act, he's proposing now a series of things that represent incentives for businesses to invest and hire people. you know, a whole series of proposals. my guess is when congress is back in session next week, we'll hear the same people on the floor of the senate and the house saying, well these policies are awful, these won't work. it takes no talent to decide to do nothing. it takes no talent to have no ideas or no new ideas. i just think the country deserves better and people expect more from not just democrats but especially the minority party who has blocked, they would block a mother's day resolution if it were in front of the congress. >> they certainly would. i want to ask our audience get your cell phones out.
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i want to know what you think about this. our text survey question tonight is, do you want president obama to get even tougher on boehner and fellow republicans? text a for "yes," text b for "no" to 622639. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. senator dorgan, should president obama keep this up torrid pace of politically attacking his opponents now that we're coming down the stretch in the other night we had chris van hollen say that he wants the president to go turbo. >> you know what, i don't think he has any choice. you can't be involved in a great debate in a very significant fight for this country's future and let the other side have all the ground. you've got to go out and stand your ground, which is what the president did today in ohio. we've got to make the case to the american people that look, what we inherited here from the previous administration and if you like those eight years to tell wall street and the top financial folks in the country be involved in speculative binge and unbelievable cesspool of greed and run the country in the
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ditch, if you like that, go ahead and put the republicans back in place and they'll give it to you again. if you really want to put this country back on track, the kinds of circumstances where people who work hard for a living, get up and decide they're going to work and make a paycheck and care for their families and the kinds of things we expected in this country for many decades, if you believe in those policies that nurture the kinds of jobs we need to expand our country's future, then vote for the democrat and the policies. it's very simple to me. >> senator, thanks so much. >> good to be with you. coming up, this hate-filled pastor just doubled down on his burning a koran day putting our troops in even more danger. i can't believe the deafening silence out of the righties that always talk about how they love and support the troops. .slanthead the newster it, the maverick, what's the matter? cat got your tongue? and look out, one of the nuttiest tea partiers out there rand paul is gaining steam. his opponent is trying to derail
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his crazy train and will be stopping by. talking to him. all that, plus o'reilly's back up is sucking up to a convicted felon palin's making up words and vitter's prostitution scandal gets reenacted. you're going to want to see it. you're watching "the ed show" on msnbc. ♪ ...honor... ♪ ...and trust. an unspoken bond that, while common among men... ♪ exceedingly rare among companies. the ram 60-day handshake. ram.
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up next, the republicans are using shameful scare tactics so they can repeal your health care coverage. greedy insurance companies are hiking rates and blaming president obama for it. it's typical. democrats need to call them out. katrina vanden hoovl will deliver straight talk. stay with us.
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welcome back to "the ed show." thanks for watching tonight. we knew it was going to happen. insurance companies are jacking up rates, holding consumers hostage and telling them that health care reform is the big blax it all. they're whining about having to cover people with pre-existing conditions claiming they're just passing the cost on to consumers. hold it right there. look at the numbers. regents blue cross, blue shield of oregon. they want to raise rates 17%. but only 3% is to pay for changes due to the health care reform. there's a 3% cost to them but they're trying to pass it on a 17% rate increase to the consumers. this is standard operating procedure. it just shows how dishonest and predatory this industry is and they won't stop. the republicans are carrying the water for big insurance and want americans to get hit with a double digit rate increase right before the november elections. how convenient. while they're screaming about repealing obama care.
6:20 pm
for more, let's bring in katrina vanden heuvel, editor of "the nation." thanks for coming back after a nice vacation. we all deserve that. we miss you. >> thank you. >> what -- the battle lines are drawn here. i want to say i think the democrats were going to come out and go home in august and come back in september trying to, you know, make the claim they've done some great things, some good provisions in this let care bill. i haven't really heard that. now the story of rate increases. how should they play it? >> what they should first do is point out in this landmark piece of legislation, the health care legislation, however flawed and for the first time in modern american history, no republican signed on to this, there are protections for consumers against greedy corrupt insurance industry. 30 millionç people going to ge access and coverage. no longer pre-existing conditions. will be deny -- won't be denied coverage. but the main thing i think is you've got to point out the
6:21 pm
republicans have tried to delay, dilute, obstruct health care reform. democrats need to campaign on what they're going to build on. and they also need to point out that you are witnessing the possibility of a rollback of the 20th century, 21st century because you've got 14 states, governors -- i'm sorry republican attorney general now trying to nullify this health care legislation. this is an effort funded by the billionaire coke brothers, americans for prosperity now, united patients now. i think if we lose control of the congress, we are going to see more efforts to repeal and roll back the civilizing advances and reforms not only health care legislation but social security privatization, medicare and medicaid privatization. they need to campaign on this as a choice election. and for those progressives who are discouraged or feel apathetic because they didn't get everything they want, you know what, to sit back will be
6:22 pm
the greatest gift to the right wing dominating the republican party. and you know, obama, let him do his thing. we should be continuing to mobilize but we need to do our thing which is to continue to build on the reforms even if they're flawed but continue to build and that is the history of social change legislation in this country. >> how do liberals in this country answer the enthusiasm gap? they've got a lot to be proud of. it wasn't a conditional 22 months of support. nothing's going to get done in september and october. we know that. but it seems to me that there as enthusiasm gap and firing up the base and getting people cranked up on the issues again should be a no-brainer for the democrats. >> i think part of what president obama did was demobilize his base. we need to see more of the fighting obama speaking with passion and empathy for the economic pain and anger millions of americans feel around this country and beginning to lay out the infrastructure bank, investments in this country.
6:23 pm
sure, we always wantç more, bu let us mobilize to push for more. he begins to speak to those concerns. i also think he should appoint elizabeth warren head of the consumer protection financial agency this week because that is a fight you want to have to say i am on the side of working people in this country who have more to gain if we move forward and far more to lose if we move backwards. elizabeth warrens. >> do you think he'll do it. >> i think you want her by your side. you want tough policies and invexes in this country. that is an important both symbolic and policy gesture to counter those in the white house so many progressives feel have not been constructive in moving forward in a direction that will make this a rebuilding of america. >> katrina vanden heuvel, great to have you back. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> coming up, she was the former chief of staff and convicted felon popped up on o'reilly's last night. bill's fill-in drooled all over him. they're both in the zone next. stay with us.
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and in psycho talk tonight, monica crowley filled in for billyhthe bully last night on fox and she got to interview i guess her idol convicted felon scooter libby. she's such a huge fan, still bent out of shape the way he was treated after he lied to the fbi and grand jury about his role in outing agent valerie plame. >> that will absurd political witch hunt that you were subjected to during the valerie
6:28 pm
plame case, your sentence was commuted but you never did in fact get a pardon. are you still hopeful that eventually you might get a pardon? >> well, monica, i worked 13 years, maybe 12, something like that for the federal government and national security. i learned two things from this. one is, the world's not just. and the second is, it doesn't do a lot of good to whine. >> you are a class act, scooter libby and had monica crowley been president of the united states, you would have gotten that pardon. >> was that an announcement? the damon ca crowley gets elected president is the day i pack my bags and definitely head to canada and never return. monica, i know you're not real deep but calling a convicted felon who outed a cia agent a class act is outrageous psycho talk. coming up, a psychochurch is stacking up the korans, getting out the matches and endanger
6:29 pm
american troops. i want to know, where are all the right wing talkers? their silence is unacceptable. i thought they supported the troops. eric byrnes blasts off on that one coming up in the battleground. george w. bush says this moment, having a shoe tossed at him was the weirdest of his presidency. i'll walk you through some of my favorite low lights in the playbook. we've got sarah palin also. she makes the maverick's daughter cry. and rand paul's opponent is here tonight on "the ed show" ready to rip into rand paul. you're watching "the ed show" on msnbc. stay with us. [ animals calling ] ♪ [ pop ]
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welcome back to "the ed show." the battleground story tonight, isla ma phobia is out of control in america and conservatives like newt and hannity who love to wrap themselves in the flag and talk about the troops are very interestingly silent on the issue. despite pleas from top generals
6:33 pm
and politicians across the country a radical right wing pastor in florida is going ahead with the burn a koran day on the anniversary of 9/11. general ray odierno, the top, the former top commander in iraq, said that it will lead to more violence against u.s. forces. >> what this does is this feeds right into what they want. what they feed off of hate and fear. and they will use this to generate more hate and what that will turn into is potentially more violence against. >> why are the conservatives quiet? general david petraeus, the top commander in afghanistan agrees. he told the associated president images of the burning of a koran would be used around the world to inflame public opinion and incite violence. yet, the nut job pastor terri jones spoke out today making a different case. >> just yesterday, we got a
6:34 pm
phone call from a retired special force green beret delta force. it was his opinion that the people that are on the field, the special forces he told us, are 100% behind us. >> where are the republicansç speaking out against all of this? all this islam malphobia started with the islamic center near ground zero. the conservative talkers fanned the flames on that story and now silence. mccain and cantor and the network across the street all said in the past we need to listen to general petraeus. for more let me bring in eric byrnes, president of media matters for america. we've got a developing situation here late this afternoon. we've got sarah palin tweeted about the koran burning plan and posted this quote on her
6:35 pm
facebook. book burning is antithetical to american dales. people have a constitutional right to burn a koran if they want to, but doing so is ince e insensitive and unnecessary provocation much like building a mosque at ground zero. number one, sarah, where's the support for the troops after two generals have spoken out about this? you didn't mention anything about the troops. and besides that, i don't think she knows what antithetical means nor do i think she wrote all of that. eric byrnes, your thoughts on this response and this whole situation about the silence of the conservative talkers of america and the pundits on the other side of the street just supporting the troops all the time but all of a sudden they're silent on this one. >> ed, you're right. is the silence has been deafening from the leadership on the right. boehner, glenn beck and sarah palin have made half hearted comments asking this pastor not to burn the koran but falsely equating the burning with an attempt to build a muslim
6:36 pm
education community center in lower manhattan. and those two things are not the same. you know, i think we can all agree as americans that using religion to divide and scare americans, using fear, you know, to divide americans is an abusive religion. >> has fox been the mouth peegs for all of this in your opinion? >> absolutely they have. they've been running what i call the republican summer of hate over at fox. they've been drumming up the fear and the vitriol against the muslim community for months over the park 51 project in manhattan. it's just like what we saw during the health care debate where they drummed up txeç fear and it led to violence, led to violence against members of congress and now we've been seeing acts of violence against you know, against mosques around the country and a lot of hate speech against muslims. it's something that this is what fox does. this is what the republicans are doing. they're looking for an enemy. >> this is what john boehner had
6:37 pm
to say speaking out on the pastor jones situation. here it is. >> general petraeus has spoken out against it, secretary of state clinton has spoken out about it. what is your message to pastor jones. >> to pastor jones and to those who want to build the mosque just because you have a right to do something in america does not mean it is the right thing to do. we're a nation of tolerance. i think in the name of tolerance, people ought to really think about the kind of actions they're taking. >> so you're telling him not to do it? >> sir, you're telling him not to do it? >> well, listen, i just think that it's not wise to do this. >> what do you make of that, eric? >> there was an awfully long pause before minority leader boehner actually said i think maybe they shouldn't do it. but it gets back to your original point, ed, we have american troops in the field fighting and dieing as you and i are talking right now. and all of this fear mon
6:38 pm
gerring, this islamic wave of heat from the political right designed to score political points at the ballot box are endangering american lives. i think it's important to remember the words of george w. bush in the dark days after 9/11 that it was important for americans not to do the easy thing and blame all muslims for the actions of just a few. that we have a millions of muslims who are patriotic americans. i think that's something this crowd of republicans has clearly forgotten. if they want to be able to lead the congress, they've got to the demonstrate a little more backbone and certainly support our troops and not undermine our efforts to achieve some sort of a victory in the middle east. >> eric, good to have you with us tonight. thanks so much. now rapid fire response from our panel on theseç stories tonight. the republicans' excellence on the koran burning. once again nominee sharron angle is refusing to disavow the claim
6:39 pm
that there are domestic enemies in congress. and louisiana democrats are airing, trying to air a new tv ad that takes aim at republican senator david vitter's serious sins and prostitution scandal. with us tonight, todd webster, democratic strategist, scott henen, talk show host. good to have you with us tonight. let's talk about this koran burning that is planned for 9/11. scott, where do conservatives stand on this? what should be done here? >> first of all, i think the most dangerous place in america is usually between chuck schumer, jesse jackson, al sharpton and a camera. add this pastor to the list. clearly a publicity hound, a gadfly. this is a joke. i think actually silence is better here, ed. i think the idea of giving this guy more publicity, you're hearing whispers from the pentagon that general petraeus might have erred by raising this to a level they have. i think it's better to ignore
6:40 pm
the guy. >> the three people you mentioned have they done anything as outlandish as offer up to burn the koran? >> could you talk with some people about that. my point is he's a publicity hound. >> you're the one that said it. i'm talking to you about it. >> i'm not trying to associate them with the koran thing. they're publicity hounds and love a camera. why give him what he wants. that's all i'm saying. >> he does have a congregation of only 50 people. it seems that the conservatives don't seem to be denouncing him too much after supporting the troops, saying they support the troops when general petraeus and others have said this puts our troops in danger. that's the hook, isn't it? >> ed. >> may i jump in? what i think you've got going on is selective concern for the welfare of our soldiers. you remember a few years ago, it was cindy sheehan who held a protest against the iraq war and the reasons that we went in wa which as we all know now were unfounded and you had right wing
6:41 pm
politicians denouncing her how she is endangering the troops. it's unpatriotic. and now you've got the general of central command who is coming out and has said that doing thiç would, in fact, endanger the soldiers serving overseas. to say nothing of. hold on a second. to say nothing of other americans abroad who would be targeted or who could be targeted by this or other missionaries, western missionaries or american missionaries who are doing work. >> the question we all need to ask. >> inflaming this and the silence from the right wing, the same folks beating up cindy sheehan have had nothing to say. >> scott, what's your response to that? >> i think in retrospect, giving this guy what he wants, more pub lis sit not helping the troops. and i'll put sean hannity's efforts for the troops up against anybody. you can pile on sean all you want. i think silence is the right response.
6:42 pm
>> now that you brought up hannity, there is question where the money goes from all of his freedom concerts. some conservative -- can you tell me how much he's raised? come on now. >> totally bogus. >> if you want to bring your friend into it, that's fine. the fact is, the man that you just mentioned is not supporting the general who says that our troops are in danger because of this guy. so why aren't the conservatives, aren't are you denouncing this guy? why aren't the 400 right wing talkers around the country denouncing this guy? it's almost as if you love theis ma la ma phobia that's going on. >> the reason is simple because the more you do that, the more the guy loves it. you're giving fuel to his fire. ignore him. that's the best medicine to make him go away. >> the fact is he's not being ignored and he's not being denounced. that's the point i'm making. todd webster, it is selective, as you say. let's move on to this story now.
6:43 pm
tea party senate nominee is refusing to disavow the claim that there are domestic enemies in the congress. todd, you've worked around the congress a long time. who are the domestic enemies. >> more crazy talk from sharron angle out of nevada. she is a symptom of a much bigger story in this election about the number of flawed republican candidates who have been produced who are running on the ballot in november from linda mack man, the steroidç enabling misogynist to jan brewer who maybe need to be checked for mental competence to joe miller in alaska to rand paul. >> who are the domestic enemies are, scott? >> well, first of all, call her senator sharron angle and that gis you an idea and that gives you an idea even though you're mocking, and the domestic enemies to answer your question, because i want to do that, are everybody doing exactly what sharron angle said which was "certainly people who pass these kinds of policies, obama care,
6:44 pm
cap and trade, bailout, they're not friends of the free market system. look the votes up and there are your domestic enplies. >> getting people health insurance, pre-existing condition, that makes them a domestic enemy. okay. fellows, great to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your time. coming up, the door is open for rahm's run for mayor in chicago. here's my message, don't let the door hit you in the fanny on the way out. d.c. cc adam greene and jonathan alter getting into it next. stay with us. [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision.
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6:48 pm
always wanted. rahm's job at the white house has pretty much run his cures. he called liberals f'ing retarded and allegedly blew off the autoworkers saying the fu the uaw. the progressive change campaign committee called him a cancer on the democratic party. i don't think that he can get out of washington fast enough and this morning, obama adviser david axelrod said the white house is prepared to fill his shoes. >> no one is indispensable. if that's the direction he decides to go, there are many here ready to fill in the breach. >> adam greene, co-founder of the progressive change campaign committee and jonathan alter, political analyst and news week" national affairs columnist joining us on this story tonight. adam, you're adamant about getting rahm emanuel out. why? >> well, this is a big moment
6:49 pm
for the democratic party. there are basically two schools of thought among democrats. there's the bold progressive school of thought which says when the public is on your side, when democrats and independent voters overwhelmingly supported a public option and taking on the insurance companies and taking on the wall street interests, you win, you fight and you win. that's the way you do things. if joe lieberman stands in the way, you use the power of the bully pulpit against him till you win. rahm emanuel want to invite the insurance companies and joe liebermans of the world behind closed doors and say regardless of what the public think, what do you need for your vote and support. that's not a winning mentality. our message for democrats is look for two years, we followed the losing emmanuel school of thought which says don't fight, cave. >> jonathan alter, your thoughts on this. >> rahm emanuel didn't get us anything. only the most significant piece of social legislation in 45
6:50 pm
years? since medicare and medicaid in 1965. look, you can blame rahm emanuel for his mouth i'm not going to defend the stupid things that he's said. you could say that he's more moderate or conservativeç than progressive democrats might like. that's all fair comment. but to say that he didn't get it done is just inaccurate. you know, when i interviewed rahm emanuel for my book "the promise," last year on this very, very question that adam just addressed, he said, you know, we could do it the progressives' way. we've only been trying that for 75 years and failed to get universal health coverage, which has been on the democrats' agenda since the time of franklin roosevelt. the only way he argued to get something done was to get buy-in from the interest groups. you can say that's not pure, that that's a sellout. you can use all sorts of ways to characterize it.
6:51 pm
but that's the way you actually get something done. there are now 30 million americans who are going to be insured, have health insurance because of this. >> adam, what about that? >> i respect jonathan a lot if he's on tv, i'm interested in what he has to say. on this he's a little bit wrong. in lieberman's home state, people wanted the public option by three to one. in snowe's home state of maine, people wanted the public option by two to one. did we see barack obama do what he did today in cleveland where he went to the home states and used the full power of the bully pulpits against them till they caved? he didn't even try. he didn't even mention the public option. look, we don't mind if democrats fight and have to compromise. when they give up before fighting, that's the problem. >> that's an interesting tactical debate you can have, but just on the joe lieberman question, i have a scene in the book where rahm me emmanuel is really ticked at joe lieberman for backing off on the medicare
6:52 pm
expansion and tore ped heing health care in the 11th hour. he was working day and night to get this done. to call him a cancer, it's pretty unfair to a guy who's been doing a lot of good getting a lot of the legislation through. >> who would be. >> some victories are better than others and just putting a "w" in the column is not superior to getting a progressive winner. >> it was better than kill the bill. that was ridiculous. >>ç adam, who should replace h as chief of staff? >> i think we need a north dakotan at chief of staff. my first choice su. if you're not available, i think. >> not available. i got too much fishing to do. >> i do want to float one name. the guy on your show earlier today, byron dorgan. >> that's all i needed was a name. >> jonathan, your thoughts? >> i'm more interested in trying to get a sense of what might be rather than my personal choice. the names i'm hearing are valerie jarrett, ron klain,tom
6:53 pm
done lynn. i think it might be one of those three. >> final page in the playbook tonight. good old "w" made a rare appearance in texas and said the weirdest moment of his presidency was when a pair of shoes thrown aim him in iraq. he said "it was like ted williams who said he could see the stitches on the baseball. it was coming at me in so slow motion." well, george, this got us thinking about other weird moments of your presidency that might tonight shoes. how about the time you made an official visit to africa and you showed the world what happens when you put your dancing shoes on. actually, this was hilarious when bush did this. let's one of my favorite pieces of tape. order time when he was representing the united states on a visit to mongolia and couldn't find the right way out of the door. how about that? and then of course, there's the time he called upon all the nations of the world to band together and stop those terrorist killers. >> i call upon all nations to do
6:54 pm
everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. thank you. now watch this drive. >> nice drive, w. maybe if you spent as much time running the countries as you did golfing we might not be in the mess we're in right now. the tea party message might be working. in jut nut job rand paul is as extreme as it gets and he may soon be a senator. jack conway is will lay out the battle plan next on the ed show. how are you getting to a happier place? running there? dancing there?
6:55 pm
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6:56 pm
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6:58 pm
and finally tonight, the kentucky state senate race, well, it's neck and neck. tea party nut job rand paul could be a senator, a poll just out shows rand paul and democratic opponent jack conway are deadlocked at 46. joining me now is kentucky's attorney general and nominee for senate, mr. conway. good to have you with us tonight. >> it's good to be with you. the race is a dead heat. i'm focused on putting kentucky first and i'm here fighting a bunch of special interest money that's coming through karl rove's american crossroads
6:59 pm
group. we had a great internet fund-raising fund yesterday that raised about $300,000. viewers can going to conway fight and help us fight this karl rove money. >> are you pushing back on some of the positions he's taking like onç public education? >> oh, absolutely. absolutely, ed. rand paul has policies that quite literally would hurt people. this election is about the people of kentucky and nothing else. rand paul's policies would hurt people. how many people do we all know that he have furthered their education on a pell grant? rand paul would want to do away with federal assistance for education. what would rand paul say to veterans coming home wounded from two wars when he speaks out against the americans with disabilities act. >> are democrats in kind motivated? >> absolutely. because i don't think rand paul gets the state. he put a national reporter in a truck in eastern kentucky and couldn't tell him the basics of eastern kentucky and talked about how drugs were not a pressing issue

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